These are downloadable resource to aid you in playing and running Fateweavers campaigns.

Fateweavers Character Sheet

The character sheet is a clean way to organize all of the information pertaining to playing a Fateweavers character. It includes a space to track the battle effects you will experience in combat and references for common gameplay mechanics so that each of your sessions can go smoothly.

Fateweavers Character Sheet

Fateweavers Character Sheet Pg.2 (Optional)

Fateweavers Talent Tree Sheet (Optional)

Introductory Campaign Battle Maps

If your group is using the starter campaign in the Game Master’s Guide, you can print out high resolution versions of the battle maps here:

Game Master Templates

Game Masters have to keep track of a lot of information to keep their campaigns running smoothly. It can become a daunting task.

These templates are here to help you keep your notes in one place, with the most pertinent information front and center.

Templates Coming Soon!