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Welcome to the Future of Tabletop!

Epic battles… Unforgettable heroes (and villains!)… Devious story twists… Together, we weave the fate of characters and worlds, creating memories as beloved as any made in the “real” world.

Fateweavers is next-generation tabletop ruleset that brings modern design ideals to decades of tabletop tradition.

What makes Fateweavers different?

Fateweavers features light-weight character creation so that players can get into the game quickly without having to rely on templates or cumbersome rulebooks. Complexity is introduced gradually so that beginners have time to find their footing while veterans can min-max to their heart’s desire.

Unlike many other systems, Fateweavers does not have classes. Instead, you develop your character using a vast talent tree that features hundreds of options and endless combinations.

Wield powerful magic with the use of rune scrolls and and master new combat techniques with focus gems as you navigate the world of Drakis, or even alter your own body with arcane augmetics. Weapons are more than just a dice roll; each features a thematic ability to add to your arsenal.

Fateweavers builds upon what came before to deliver you a ruleset that feels familiar and yet refreshing! It is my sincerest hope that Fateweavers helps you tell grand stories and create cherished memories just as it has helped us.

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