Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fateweavers?

Fateweavers is about shared stories, exploring fantasy realms and going on adventures limited only by the imagination. The official materials are meant to provide a starting point, but where you go and what you do with them is entirely up to you.

One player serves as the game master (or GM), the narrator and arbiter of rules and setting. But this does not mean the rest of the players have no part in where the story goes. Through their actions, their roleplaying, and their own personal stories, you will collaboratively weave epic tales.

A Fateweavers campaign can be of any length, from one-shot stories that can be played through in one night, to epic narratives that span years. Where these stories lead, and how long they last is entirely up to those telling it.

Victory can be just a stepping stone to further adventure. Defeat a mere setback in a grander tale as the characters retreat to mend their wounds, or new adventurers step up to the challenge. The only loss condition is when everyone stops having a good time.

How is Fateweavers different from other tabletop rulesets?

The Fateweavers Tabletop Rule Set offers a thrilling new way to engage in roleplaying scenarios, tell memorable stories, and create unforgettable characters. Fateweavers aims to make tabletop gaming approachable without sacrificing depth so that veterans and beginners alike can thrive in a hobby that has brought people joy and fond memories for decades. The ruleset builds upon what came before and refines it.

The simple trait-based character creation system does not bog down new players with overwhelming min-maxing. Instead, unique playstyles are built using a vast classless talent tree and skill gems that grant you powerful abilities and combat techniques.

Wield powerful magic with the use of rune scrolls and and master new combat techniques with focus gems as you navigate the world of Drakis, or even alter your own body with arcane augmetics. Weapons are more than just a dice roll; each features a thematic ability to add to your arsenal.

Fateweavers builds upon what came before to deliver you a ruleset that feels familiar and yet refreshing! It is my sincerest hope that Fateweavers helps you tell grand stories and create cherished memories just as it has helped us.

Is Fateweavers compatible with Dungeons and Dragons?

While Fateweavers uses the same set of dice and has some of the same basics as Dungeons and Dragons, the two are not directly compatible. There are fundamental differences in attributes, skills, character development, the use of magic, and combat tuning that mean you cannot simply take a D&D character and use it with Fateweavers, or vice-versa.

However, converting content between Fateweavers and other rulesets (ex. modules, monsters, and spells) is possible with a few simple steps (covered in the Game Master’s Guide).

How do I get Fateweavers ruleset?

Fateweavers is currently in Beta. You can support its development by backing Fateweavers on Patreon. Every backer receives access to the Player’s Guide, while higher tiers gain access to the Game Master’s materials to help you create and run your own campaigns.

Everyone is encouraged to leave feedback on the Fateweavers forum.

How will the release of Fateweavers differ from the beta?

The fundamentals of Fateweavers are ready for you to play, but there is still more content to be added. You can expect more monsters, artifacts, abilities, battle maps, and lore to use in your campaigns as well as the continued development of the rule set based on your feedback.

Long-term goals are:

  • Content Modules
  • More Lore, Monsters, Artifacts, and Battle Maps
  • A character sheet desktop/mobile App to help you organize and develop your characters
  • MOAR!

How can I support Fateweavers?

The best way to support Fateweavers is to spread the word. Introduce the ruleset to your friends, colleagues, relatives, the rules lawyers at your local game shop. Share your Patreon rule books with anyone that’s interested. The more people are playing Fateweavers, the more feedback and support it will receive, which in turn will translate to more content and features for you!